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"To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides." -David Viscott

ot3: first and last scenes

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blaine + text posts [part one]

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Thank you so much, John Oliver.

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When you watch Torchwood there is a warning at the very beginning that some scenes may offend or disturb people, so if you allow your children to sit and watch it with you that’s your responsibility, it’s not ours anymore. We kissed, we held each other, we lay on top of each other in bed… and there were lots of complaints about that. Nobody complained that I was shot in the head four times, there were burning people in ovens, that I was stabbed by a mob of 50 people hundreds of times, and I was hanging dripping my blood in a pit. So that’s what confuses me, because you’re not complaining about gay sex, you’re complaining about two men kissing. And it’s 2011. And people say, “Well why should we have that on television?” Because the BBC have to represent the greater public — and there are gay people out there who pay their television license. For people to complain, that’s your prerogative — but you know what, none of them turned it off! They were just embarrassed because it put them in a position where they had to explain things to their kids or their family which probably should have been explained a long time ago. John Barrowman. (via marilynmay)

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Josh Groban is a perfect human being.

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We like this a latte.



We like this a latte.



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A Summary of Marvel Movies

I can’t stop laughing

Even at “Nick Furry”. There’s a piece of fanart that has to have been done by now…




If she looks worn out, then I have spent my life looking like a drowned rat wheezing in a sewer. 

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Classic childhood books from yesteryear

The 80’s.

Tuberculosis. Giraffes. GOLF. I lost it at bomb making though.

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Hello there, Twitter-verse.


I’m gonna take a second to appreciate this twitter convo between jspark3000 and musiqchild007 that had me DYING

Anonymous said: on a scale from 1 to 10, how obsessed are you with cats?


a catrillion!!


"I adored Alan, and I adored him as Wash as my pretend husband. I thought we were an amazing couple. In a way, it might hurt you to hear this, but since there is no sequel to Serenity it is a relief, because I can’t imagine Zoe without him. I really can’t." - Gina Torres (x)

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Also yeah, I’ve said it before, but like when people are like “why doesn’t Harry ask for help more, why doesn’t he ask questions” THAT IS LITERALLY WHAT HE LEARNED HE WOULD BE PUNISHED FOR DOING GROWING UP. It was drilled into him not to ask for help.

Like the scene that will always break my heart is when Ron discovered Umbridge was basically forcing Harry to mutilate himself, and he was like “WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU TELL ANYBODY? WE NEED TO TELL SOMEONE RIGHT AWAY” and Harry’s reaction was “they’re busy, they don’t need me causing them trouble, it would just get them in trouble, they don’t want me to bother them” instantly and Ron was like “what the fuck man” because that is just so, so accurate to what you learn when you’re being abused and bullied. Do not ask for help. Do not bother people. They don’t want to deal with you, this kind of thing is normal and things will just get worse if you do.

It was just really well and subtly done. How Ron completely didn’t understand and was horrified but this was obvious and normal to Harry. Of course he was used to doing things on his own. Of course it was his instinct to keep it a secret.

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The guy in front of me when I was getting ice cream tonight was wearing this.

update: i banged him



The guy in front of me when I was getting ice cream tonight was wearing this.

update: i banged him

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Josh defending Jen on the leaked nude photos — (x)

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